-In Vietnam, new strains of fast- ripening rice helps our cultivators to harvest new and vast amounts of crops in Southern China. With these new crops introduced, we have developed heavy iron plows, and extensive dams, canals, water wheels, and pumps to better extend our cultivation and make it more efficient. -We also had a vast amount of industrial and technological advancements. Such as that of our prestigious porcelain which was much more light, thinner, and more adaptable in comparison with the pottery that we had previously. With increases on metallurgy such as that of the emergence of "coke", another form of coal, which better allowed us to produce more iron. We used gunpowder that as a result spread throughout Eurasia and gave us great wealth. We used such things such as "fire lances" to better allow us to have better military effectiveness. Our printing changed from wood block to movable type better allowing us to produce texts quickly, cheaply, and in huge quantities. We also developed our naval technologies with the advancements such as that of the magnetic compass which allowed us to better navigate throughout the oceans.This is popular among the mariners of the Indian Ocean basin. We also had advancements in our economy such as that of paper money and forms of credit. - With our invention of "flying cash", it allowed for merchants to deposit goods or cash in one location and then take out the same amount in other locations in China.

Song Dynasty, 960- 1279 c.e., China

Emperor_Taizu.jpg flower.jpg songmap.jpg upper left corner, first emperor of song dynasty. To the left, map of song china





with increases in wealth and population from that of new innovations/ cultivations, there is a lot more entertainment such as that of restaurants, caverns, teahouses, brothels, and music halls. Patriarchal society being very influential, led to ancestor veneration, and respect for elders. with this, also led to foot binding among that higher class women of this time. This not only made them more appealing, but also allowed for husbands to keep a better watch on them. We have a lot of foreign influences in our dynasty, such as that of the Persians, who are popular entertainers in our cosmopolitan cities. We are not so much into the idea of foreign religions coming in and establishing themselves in our society. We want to keep our cultural traditions well intact. we do have a good amount of support for Neo-Confucianism though. Another thing that we hold great importance in is the art of foot binding. Foot binding is one of the classiest things that a woman can do. It shows beauty, elegance, wealth, class. Only upper class women do this. We need the lower class women to tend to our farms and work.


In our dynasty, we have a strong liking for the Confucian and Daoism beliefs as well as other cults that honor family ancestors. With the introduction to Buddhism to our dynasty due to the silk roads, we have became pleased with this religion as well in regards to its high standards of morality, its intellectual sophistication, and its promise of salvation. but more so we follow Neo- Confucian beliefs. (Buddhism influenced Confucianism)


Blog 1:In our dynasty, we put great mistrust into military leaders. We place much more emphasis on civil administration, industry, education, and the arts on military affairs. We believe that this approach to administration leads to a much more centralized imperial government. We have discovered many new crops and methods that have greatly improved cultivation and food production. With this, the population of this dynasty has not only increased but has introduced new aspects to the Song Dynasty. Such as that of restaurants and entertainment Blog 2: With our advancements in paper money, it not only strengthened our economy by providing other means of payment and unification, but it also has hurt our economy. Printed money is causing problems now because people are producing counterfeit notes, government authorities are continuously printing values of money that are more than the actual amount of money that they actually represent. This is making people have less confidence in the paper money system. Blog 3: With communications throughout the silk roads, we have been introduced to a new religion called Buddhism. We like this religion and the beliefs that is represents. Buddhism, although having wonderful aspects, has some issues throughout our dynasty. Buddhism calls for an ascetic lifestyle that includes celibacy. Many people are very much procreation. Also, Buddhist monasteries are not paying taxes, which poses a problem to our economy. Blog 4: zhu_xi.jpg I, Zhu Xi, firmly believe that personal behavior and social harmony are of the utmost importance. Individuals have to play their proper roles both in their family and in the larger society. Along with these notions, philisophical and academic investigations are important. We need to see the nature of reality. We need to see how everything needs to be and where everyone needs to stand and be in life. Neo- Confucianism is the most important thing to this dynasty. Blog 5: we are being taken over by the Mongols. Our dynasty will not last much longer. The internal conflicts and outside pressures are just too much for us to with stand. With this said, our dynasty is concluded.

1. Bentley, Jerry H., and Herbert F. Ziegler. Traditons and Encounters: A Global Perspective on the past. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2006.

==The Wall

Major languages included that of Chinese, English, and Mandarin. There was also a vast amount of smaller languages that were practiced by smaller groups of people.

Hey there, its your pals the Mongols. We'd like to agree with you Buddhist traditions as of now but we have since rejected it. Our new leader Ilkhan Ghazan has converted to Islam and actively supports the expansion of this religion in his empire. We do however agree on
not being nomadic. We gave that up a long time ago. The Turks dont seem to agree with us on this decision though....TTYL

Daoists April 26, 1105 6:50 PM
Wow you guys are awesome! We love you for promoting our faith and publishing the editions of our text, the Daozang. The new emperor, Huizong is simply amazing, I might have a crush on him...We are promoting our faith ourselves as well. The Quanzhen School of Daoism is prospering and we hope will remain standing for generations and generations. We also love how you guys are creating interactions with older traditions passed on by our daoshi and the newer, local orders of wu and fashi. This is creating a pantheon of new exorcistic rituals including the Celestial Heart Rites and the Thunder Rites. Our faith and our society are prospering. I hope to meet the emperor soon ;) Cheers!
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