external image 600px-Flag_of_the_Soviet_Union.svg.png The Flag of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)

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A map: the yellow regions made up the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.


Utopian Socialists
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We developed the first functioning artificial satellite, Sputnik 1, and deployed it into space October of 1957. This action in essence sparked the Space Race, a sub-competition of the Cold War, between the USSR and the USA. Another technological feat of our great Soviet Union was that we also put the first man into space, Yuri Gagarin, in April, 1961. One of our major achievements was also the independent development of the nuclear fission bomb, shortly after the US. We also created the first deliverable thermonuclear fusion bomb.


During the seventy-odd years that our great Soviet Union existed, our culture went through many different stages. After the founding of the USSR, our artists tried to create a form of art that was unique to Soviets. Prominent authors of our first era included Vladmir Mayakovsky and Maksim Gorky. Under Josef Stalin, one of our greatest leaders, most types of writing were repressed, however. But it was not unreasonable, for surely Stalin had his reasons for the censorship. Later, during Khrushchev's reign, there was less repression of creative art and writing, and new styles of writing, like samizdat, emerged.


Our great Soviet Union was officially secular and therefore promoted atheism and its theologies. However, over thirty-three percent of our population did have religions beliefs, with Christianity and then Islam claiming the most adherents. The largest sect of Christians living within the USSR was the Eastern Orthodox, but there were Catholics, Baptists, and other Protestant sects present. We were not discriminatory against any specific religion; rather, we suppressed all types of religion in general. Although, some of our leaders did target the Orthodox church for discrimination, and, during Stalin's reign, the number of Orthodox churches in the Soviet Union was reduced by ninety-five percent. The USSR also had a large population of ethnic Jews, although most of these people were not followers of Judaism. We actually promoted Jewish culture and identity during Stalin's rule, as he created the Jewish Autonomous Oblast in 1928. Sunni Muslims were the vast majority of Muslims in the USSR, and religion had the greatest influence on Muslims as opposed to other religious groups.


Blog Entry One: December 29th, 1922. We have officially created the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics by signing the Treaty of Creation of the USSR, consolidating the states of the Russian SFSR, the Transcaucasian SFSR, the Byelorussian SSR, and the Ukrainian SSR. Soviet premier Vladmir Ilyich Lenin has led us, from toppling Nicholas II and the Russian Empire, to finally establishing our Soviet Union.
Blog Entry Two: April 30th, 1945. Our Red Army has now taken over Berlin completely. Just a couple hours ago, we pushed through the last Nazi defenses and into the city. The street-to-street fighting was intense, as even civilians came out to try and stop our forces, but we broke through the enemy line. After raising our flag over the Reichstag, we scared Hitler into committing suicide. We have finally won the war!
Blog Entry Three: December 26th, 1992. Today is a sad day for the Soviet Union. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics no longer exists and has formally been dissolved by the Belavezha Accords. Yesterday, our president, Mikhail Gorbachev, resigned from office and gave his powers over to the president of Russia, Boris Yetslin. And finally, today, the Supreme Soviet, our highest governing body, acknowledged that the USSR no longer exists and made it official.

The Wall

Shout out to the USSR! We had some good times, and it's too bad you fell and we had to split up. We should still hang out some time!
- Communism!
Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I am talking to you again. Even though you helped Germany invade me (which was so not cool) you redeemed yourself by kicking them out. Thanks a bunch!
- Your Friend, Poland

Fascists April 26, 1941 6:30 PM
Enough is enough. You guys don't know what you're getting into; supporting the Allies who detest our form of government!!! The English already hate you! How could you? We were your only allies! Forget the pact, I'm telling Hitler to attack you guys immediately! You don't deserve to remain alive!

Hey, I just wanted to thank you guys from introducing me to Communism. I was so lonely, and now I have found the love of my life! (My children don't seem to like her too much, but they don't matter, anyhow). Oh, and another thing... that whole missle crisis thing was SO COOL!!! It's fun watching the United States cringe like that! -Cuba

Okay, don't go gettin' all proud about the Cold War. We both know that you were only motivated by the goal that you could someday be good at something besides making Vodka and freezing the German army to death during World War II. That was pretty awesome, but the way. Even though that space race thing was pretty dumb, it was an honor working with you during World War II. Yay for industrialization! United States

I think that we taught you a thing or two about Communism, you can't take all the credit. Lenin was a great man who did great things and he deserves recognition for bringing it about. The Bolsheviks may have lost power to you but we still keep the knowledge that we set everything in motion for the Soviet Union! The Bolsheviks