Spanish (1492-1521)

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400px-Spain_topo.jpg Spain is located in South Western Europe, and has a coast on the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, which was advantageous when it came to trade with other European kingdoms and countries, and also when the Spanish began to colonize the Americas.




Guns, steel, natural law, sovereignty, international law, war, economics.


I am very adventurous, and I love to do things for my King and my God.


Roman Catholic



October 12, 1492: Land was sighted! At last, after months of sailing the angry Atlantic ocean, Christopher Columbus and his men have landed safely on land. (He hoped it would be India, but we are not exactly sure if he has landed in teh right spot). Christopher wrote back to us immediately to tell us about the natives he met. He describes them as peaceful, but primitive, and seemed confident that they would readily learn God's message. I must admit, even though he is an Italian, that man has promise.

June 7, 1494: I am a little annoyed with Portugal. Yes, he is one of my good friends, but why did they have to come to America? This was supposed to be my time to shine and how he has to get involved, and of course he's mad that I have more land than he does. So what does he do? He gets the Pope involved! So now I have to sit there and let Portugal have some of the Americas as well. I mean I can't argue with the Pope! I guess it will be fun, my good buddy Portugal and I hangin' out over here in the New World. It won't be so bad. It turns out that Portugal got the short end the stick. I mean who wants Brazil anyway?

August 13, 1521: Today was a very good day. Hernando Cortez and his men finally managed to overcome the Aztec Empire! Now those hethen Indians will bow down to my will and exhume every ounce of gold from the Americas! I will be rich! Anyway, I have to go find me some healthy slaves to my work for me. The other slaves are really starting to annoy me. They're all complaining that they have small pox and can't work. They are so pathetic. Just get over it! Can't they see that I want my gold! Typical laziness.

The Wall

YOU GUYS NEED TO GET A LIFE!! I cant beleive what you did to our people, and I want to express my anger here. You guys brutally began repressing us and our peoples and we did not appreciate it. Especially using our very own mita system to totally work our people to death. Pardon my french (hate those guys), but that was a dick move on your part. I also can't beleive how you guys made everyone in the family work us in gold mines and when one of us dies, you actually make us send a replacement! Good grief... At least we still have our ruins in Cuzco for everyone to admire us. Oh yea, and thanks for making us sick...we really appreciate it =)

Come on Spain, you didn't have to accuse us of heracy. Just because someone becomes more powerful doesn't mean that you need to kill their leader. We were hubil servants of god,and you stoped our holy plan. Nice job, now every one rembers friday the thirteenth as an unlucky day, congrats you made an impact on history good for you. Knights Templar

First of all, we apologize for the Knights Templar for their inability to spell the word "heresy." Second of all, HOW DARE YOU! You come into our empire, welcomed as gods, and then you DESTROY US! Bringing us blankets infected with smallpox, as clever as that may have been, was cruel, evil, and devastating to our people. We were almost wiped out! At first we thought you would all be welcomed guests to our land, but nooooooo. Jerks. Aztecs (Mexica)

Okay, you guys just suck. The whole "let's supprt Christopher Columbus" deal really, um, ripped our society into pieces--especially when you charmed us with your god-look-alike armor and took all of our stuff because you are all greedy jerks. The smallpox epidemic was quite nice also. Thanks. :p

Pueblo People: Hey Spanish ... your conquistadors attempted to convert our people to Christianity, but we managed to keep our traditional lifestyle, and still have that same lifestyle today!
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You know, WHAT THE HELL. YOU GUYS TOTALLY SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We the mestizos are not acceptd anywhere in the world. We are too European for our own people and are too wild and savage for you Spaniards. YOu guys ruined our lives. You have made many of our people commit suicide and you will pay backthose live

DAMNRIGHT MESTIZOS! You do suck..but ehh no hard feelings huh? I mean we have had such a horrible history with you guys kicking us all out and being extremely racist towards us..but with that aside we dont hate you guys that much! So, thanks for years of of suffering it was so much fun (and thats sarcasm for ya). - Moroccans

We're with the mestizos, you guys suck. We are going to be so much better than you ever were. If you are friends with the Portugese, you are our enemies....and believe us, you do not want to be OUR enemies! moohahahahaa!!!

We're hurt Spain, sure you say you're so grateful for our devotion in conquering the Americas for us, but then you come in and replace our arbitrary rule with your bureaucrats. We did all the work and you get all of the rewards and power. If we had really known that this is what "for God, King and Country" meant we never would have agreed to it. -Conquistadors


Pardos, Jose Luis.

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