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spartans7.jpgWould you want to fight us? NOPE!, 'cause your going to be dead! HEAR THAT ATHENS!!!!

Partners of the city-state Sparta

We can't even get along with our own country how do you you expect that we will get along with others...

Spartan Technology

Ask those who we conquered, mostly all of our technology lies in our supreme military strength. You do not want to see it nor will we show it to you now. Do you really think it is that easy to milk information out of the most supreme military power in the world. We are not haughty; we're just great!

Spartan Culture

Our culture was fully based on military discipline and institutions. We export all forms of labor to neighboring "helots". Those who live in our city-state focus on training and developing for our strong military rule. This is fostered at a very early age through placing our youth into military institutions, this applied to both males and females. FYI do not get on our bad side ;-) You know what just observe this:

History of Sparta Part- 1

History of Sparta Part- 2

History of Sparta Part- 3

Very cool and true clip!

Spartan Religion

Our religion was very much intertwined with the government, for example the kings were the chief priests. We primarily have religious festivals which primarily aid in bringing together the community and religion. We pray to the traditional Greek Gods because we are a Greek city-state.

Spartan Blog

Blog Entry One- 935 BCE- I am now on my way out of my mother's arms, I am 7year old boy. I may no longer see anyone in my family again. I am off to be trained in the ways of a Spartan soldier and Athlete. I will be perfected into a very strong man. It is my duty I must do this, though I do not fully understand what it will bring. My mother has educated me and prepared me the best she can for this very day, now her job is done and it is my job to move on and serve her, my fellow brothers and sisters, the gods and Sparta to the best I can. -Spartan student

Blog Entry Two- 945 BCE- I now have been in intensive military training for several years. I am very strong and especially mentally fit, I have been kept away from anything artistic for so many years. Oh and just so you know I shouldn't be writing because if I am caught much trouble could ensue. HERE COME THE OFFICERS!...

Blog Entry Three
- 956 BCE(please disregard the fact that it is impossible at this time that I know that there is a BCE and CE ;-) ) I in the course of our existence have been challenged to battle by so many societies and city states that I cannot even begin to remember them all. I am the product of warfare. I have and can look directly into they eyes of my enemies, see my best friend slaughtered and decapitated, watch mostly all of my fellow soldiers bleed to death, feel the warm dry blood of my enemies and allies on my skin and in my eyes, and still feel no fear and fight for my nation, gods and family until the day that I die. I will never falter at the tip of my enemies sword I will only fade from this world in old age with the knowledge that Sparta will live on forever into all eternity. -Spartan Soldier

The Warrior's Wall

A thousand nations of the Persian empire descend upon you. Our arrows will blot out the sun. I will erase Sparta from the histories......The world will never even know you existed at all. Your Athenian rivals will kneel at your feet... if you but kneel at mine.
You are a fascinating tribe. Defiant even in the face of annihalation. There is much our cultures could share. Consider the fate of your women. Spartans, lay down your weapons!!!
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