Government Of Sri Lanka (GOSL)

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Coat of Arms for Sri Lanka

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Government soldiers

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Map showing the disputed areas of Sri Lanka (white is under strong government control)




During the period that our government has been in power, Sri Lanka has successfully kept up with the modern world, and our military has planes, ships, machine guns, bombs and all other newer implaments of war. WE have developed no new technologies of our own, but we have utalized other technologies to bring the standard of living in our country up, and the life expectancy to very high levels (around 70).


We are the true government of Sri Lanka and represent the Sinhalese majority in our country. Approximately 13 million Sinhalese people live within the bounds of Sri Lanka, and we make up aroung 74% of the population, while the Tamils make up 13%. Almost every position in our administration is held by a person of Sinhalese background or association, so naturally we associate ourselves with this great culture. The Sinhalese culture revolves heavily around our language of Sinhala and our shared religion of Buddhism.


Since we are a government made up of Sinhalese people, the majority of our employess follow Buddhism. Here in Sri Lanka we practice a form of Buddhism known as Theravada, meaning "the way of the elders", it is the oldest surviving form of Buddhism today. This form of Buddhism promotes learning through experience and the attainment of knowledge through reasoning. We believe that Buddah was a briliant man, but in no way a diety, and we do not worship him, but recognize his quick attainment of Nibbana, or freedom form the cycle of rebirth.


Blog Entry One:
July 1983 - Those troublesome Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. We are not gonna give them their own country and they should get over that. But now we have an excuse to eliminate them. They just sent one of their suicidal, mainiac, Black Tigers into one of our military bases and he detonated himself. He killed thirteen of our men, men I helped train, and countless others were wounded. This is an act of war and the Governmnet of Sri Lanka will not stand for it. I hope the LTTE is prepared for the onslaught they have unleashed.

Blog Entry Two:
June 5, 1987 - AHHHHHHHHH!!! We were so close. We had the LTTE on the ropes, we had driven them back to their stronghold of Jaffna, and after its fall it would have been just a matter of picking up the peices. All we had to do was wait them out, they were already starving, but then India decided to get all brave and noble (sarcasm). They dropped food and supplies into Jaffna by airplane, and are personally responsible for the LTTE's survival. Now they are trying to impose some sort of peace on us ... no way that is going down. We WILL defeat the LTTE and we WILL do it whether India interferes or not.

Blog Entry Three:

December 5, 1995 - We have scored a great victory today, Jaffna is finally ours. After years of intense struggle and the loss of thousands of lives on both sides, the stronghold has fallen into government hands. Today we raised the Sri Lankan flag above the fort so all will know of our victory. We are planning to lauch more attacks on the LTTE next year. Hopefully this will be the turning point in this war and we can return to our normal lives.

The Wall

These terms are not wholely acceptable. We want the formal, governmental recognition of the Tamil homeland, and culture, and most importantly we want the right to self determination. We believ the people should decide whether we want to seperate from Sri Lanka, and we want our culture and ethnicity to be recognized. Also it would be much appreciated if you did not hand over Velupillai Prabhakaran, our leader, to Indian hands, as they are demanding. We hope to have further talks in the future. Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)

P.S. What do you think about a jointly-led government, just throwing it out their for consideration
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