external image PowderedSugar2.jpg This is me in all my glory.I'm sweet and tasty and now powdered , I'm so amazing!!!!

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United States
Ummmm..... everyone is my friend, who doesn't like sugar.

My Life Story
Polynesians have been using me on the islands of the Pacific Ocean for over 5000 years. They discovered that the stalks of a giant grass, which everyone calls sugar cane but I call mama cane, contained a sweet tasting liquid and could be used in the preparation of food(thats me) .The Arabs and Berbers introduced me to Western Europe when they conquered the Iberian peninsula in the 8th century AD. It was my big stage to impress everyone and I knocked them out. I was such a big hit that they made Black people grow me in the their colonies after this dude named Columbus founded a new world in 1492. Because the expansion of myself and my brethren, we were the catalyst for the Industrial Revolution. The Carribean Islands became the world's largest source of me. These islands could supply our canes using slave-labor and produce my brothers and sisters at prices vastly lower than those of us imported from the East. During the eighteenth century , I was the biznees. Everyone wanted a piece of me. It was a troubling part of my life, the paprazzi was everywhere watching my every step. There was no place for me to run. I was depressed and it resulted in me drinking lots and lots of syrup. I survived and realized how important I was. I helped raise the economy's of many island countries which are all developing countries.However, i hurt them bad. I destroyed their soil , I couldn't believe what I had done. Anyway, I'm still very important and still the talk of the town. Especially in the United States , sorry about making you all obese.... shit happends.


Our God ,we call him The Pillsbury Doughboy, has helped spread throughout the world if it is buy desert , beverages , and any other way we get into your body. Our devil, Jenny Craig, is trying to destroy us. Damn you Jenny , you and your fantastic meals for half the calories. DAMN YOU!!!!


Blog1- Being born again and coming out of mama cane is such a pain. More for her than me probably but still it is such an annoyance. I wish there was an easier way. Now they are going to put me in some calcium oxide or whatever that science mamo jumbo is called. Jeez Loise the amount of work it takes to put lil ol me into someones mouth. How selfish the planters are, destroying the land becasue of me I personally do not want all this attention but what can I do , I'm just a grain of sugar.
external image Sugar_Cane_m454039.jpgmama cane and all my aunts and uncles

Blog 2 Woohoo !!!! I'm gonna be in some swiss chocolates. I'm totally worth it. I'm going big time , one of the best deserts out there. I'm uber pumped. I hope everyone over indulges in me what is the worst that can happened. Everyone is going to be looking at me and eating me. YAY!!! happiest moment of my life.
external image Laderach_Piccoletti_400.jpgSwiss chocolates, that is me :)

Blog3 I'm such an entity now. I'm am so important in the world. I'm grown everywhere , in particular developing countries , IO'm essential to life , I have a magazine named after me and everyone loves me. I'm one of the most widely-traded commodities in the world, I accounta for around 2% of the global dry cargo market. Of the world's 180-odd countries, around 100 produce mefrom beet or cane, a few more refine raw versions of moi to produce white sugar, and all countries consume me. Thank Pillsbury Doughboy for everything. As Def Leppard once said , "Pour some me on you".

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