The Sui dynasty is among the most active dynasties in Chinese history
images.jpg A traditional Buddhist scene

Sui Dynasty

images.jpgOne of our emperors during the Sui Dynasty - Emperor YangDi


Tang Dynasty
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Despite the fact that the Sui dynasty lasting under 30 years, we had started development of the Grand canal which will turn out amazing once the Tang Dynasty finishes the rest of the project


Our culture was still in the belief of Confucianism. Also we put an emphasis on the arts, music,plays, liturature


Our religion which by the way is really common around East Asia is Buddhism


The Sui dynasty was founded in 589 after Yang Chien who by the way was our first emperor led military raids to retake control of China from the Zhou dynasty. About 30 years later there were expeditions into modern day Korea to invade Goguryeo, which is one of the 3 kingdoms of Korea. the campaigns were disasterous and as a result with the Sui army descimated collapsed because the crippled army could not do much about the rebels in China

The Wall

Tang Dynasty: Hey Sui dynasty ... thanks for passing on your technology to us so that our dynasty could be successful!!
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