The Tang Chinese China Tang Dynasty, 618 - 907 CE

tang_dynasty.jpg Wealthy people of the Tang Dynasty.

Map of the Tang Dynasty

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Sui Dynasty
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We used heavy iron plows, harnessed oxen and water buffalo, and used extensive irrigation systems to increase our agricultural production. Other technologies were high-quality porcelain, and improved metallurgy of iron and steel. We also had gunpowder, printing, and naval technologies.


We were able to maintain transportation and communication networks. An "equal field system" allowed us to divide agricultural land. We followed a Confucian education system, and we were extremely focused on military expansion. We lived in patriarchal societies, and practiced graveside rituals to honor our ancestors.


Confucianism and Daoism lost many followers, and gradually Buddhism began to grow in popularity. Eventually, Daoist and Confucian critics of Buddhism found allies in the imperial court and Tang emperors began to banish Buddhists, Zoroastrians, Nestorian Christians, and Manichaeans in the 840s CE.


Blog Entry One (627 - 649 CE): Much of our dynasty's success was due to the abilities and policies of our second emperor, Tang Taizong. He reigned from 627 - 649 CE. Taizong murdered two of his brothers and pushed his father aside so he could become emperor. He established an effective and stable government, and built a capital at Chang'an. He was a Confucian ruler who heeded the interests of his subjects. It was reported the banditry ended during his reign, and the cost of rice remained low. We enjoyed an era of unusual stability and prosperity during the reign of Tang Taizong. Blog Entry Two (mid-600s CE): Our military forces began expanding early on during this dynasty. In the north, our forces brought Manchuria under imperial authority. To the south, our armies conquered the northern part of Vietnam. We extended westward as far as the Aral Sea and brought some of the high plateau of Tibet under our control. Our empire ranks among the largest in Chinese history. Blog Entry Three (618 - 907 CE): During our dynasty, we began travelling and trading more by using naval technologies. We wanted spices and exotic products from southeast Asian islands, so our mariners would increasingly visit those islands in their own ships. Before this time, our mariners did not venture far from land, but advances in naval technology allowed for this to change.

The Wall

Whats up Tangs, this is the previous dynasy the Sui's. I hope that you do a great job at finishing up the grand canal.