We Romans have a huge list of technologies for use in many different ways of life. We hove barges, warships, lighthouses, mining tools, use of gold, silver, and Iron, quarries, aqueducts, flushable toilets, ceramics, glass blowing, and of course intricate architecture using columns and domes just to name a few

external image ancient_rome.jpg
our great architecture
Our culture is very much our own. It is in no way inspired by the Greeks, well maybe it is, but not too much. We do have many things that are all our own. One is our system of governing using the twelve tables which provides basic standards and codes for everyday life. For meals the lower class of plebeians eat bread, and wine. While the upper class of patricians enjoys meat, fruit, vegetables, honey, and finer wine. For entertainment we enjoy gathering at the coliseum to watch gladiators get slaughtered by each other as well as ravenous beasts. We also greatly enjoy tragedies and comedies at the theater.
Our religion is very important to us. It centers on many different gods the most important of which being Jupiter, the king of the gods, and his wife Juno, goddess of the sky. All events in our daily life and history happened because of them. Most people keep some type of religious stature in there home for daily worship.
external image jupiter-roman-god.jpgexternal image juno_by_moreau.jpg
Jupiter, our greatest god Juno, our greatest goddess
Blog 1:
Our empire is rumored to have begun with Romulus and Remus, brothers raised by a she-wolf. Rome thus was named after Romulus. There is no proof as to whether this account is factual, but it doesn’t really matter, the story fits.

Blog 2:
We have been taken over by Alexander the Great of Alexander of Macedon. He is Greek and we, for the most part , like the Greeks so it doesn’t really matter. As for Alexander many of our people are in great favor of him as our ruler. He will hopefully be able to conquer other nations, and help to spread our culture.

Blog 3:
We fear our empire might be failing due to social discourse. Each part of our empire, spread throughout much of Western Europe, has a different idea of who should be emperor. This might have been able to be dealt with if it had not been for Constantine coming into power and spreading that Christianity idea. Well that was pretty much the end of it.



external image ancientmap.gif
Map of our great empire


Holy Roman Empire





The Wall

Well this is so exciting! Ciao! You are pretty much my long lost ancestor. I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am that I found this page to learn about my past. My name is Angelo, and I'm a 16 year old boy living in Rome at the time of World War I. I don't really feel like talking about all that scary war stuff right now, so I'm just going to comment on your culture. The early Romans--YOU GUYS--are pretty much amazing. The beautiful monuments that you created are what make Italy so exciting to live in and even visit today. People flock from all parts of the world to see the Roman style architecture reflected in the buildings, monuments, aqueducts, statues etc. It's so cool! Well I just wanted to thank all of you--Romulus and Remus especially for founding a city as great as Rome for me to live in!
<3 Italians

Wow this is amazing to see you here!!! I cannot believe that it was my people helped you become a successful society. I mean you basically took over our trade routes when my civilization collapsed. Without those, you would basically be nothing, no offense or anythiny, I really do love you Romans!!!
I guess this makes us somewhat related.....awesome!!!!
<3 always the Etruscans <3
P.S. I like the way you have developed our former area with your amazing cities and architecture!!!

How could you? You Romans destroyed us. What did we Carthaginians ever do to you? We were a peacful trading people and now we have nothing. Merchants that's all. What threat was that to you? or are you just to greedy to care? I guess we will never know because the remnants of our people are spread and we will never again see our ships coming into the harbor in Carthage thanks to you!
your forever enemy the Carthaginians

You have to be the best people ever! Thanks for letting our faith thrive in your empire. With all the Roman soldiers who chose to accept our faith, we owe much of our success to Rome. Thanks a lot!
- Roman Mithraists