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A Wheel





Historical Background

We really dont know when we first invented, but the oldest recordings of us is in 8000 BCE in Mesopatamia. It is believed that the Sumerians created us first! Ah.. the Sumerians..geniuses we tell ya geniuses. Well theres our history, but make sure to check out our culture because you will be amazed at how important we were.
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Yeah, so ..we started off pretty simple. You know the whole "this load is so heavy , how do we make it lighter??". So, we offered our help because we are so damn nice! And people rolled their load with ease because we were helping. Then came the SLEDgE! oo i love this one! People used sticks and logs to move their objects with us once again easing their pain. Many other inventions came along ..mainly variations of the previous examples. Then came the primative axle aka the first cart! People realized that they could improve their speed by changing our size. With the first cart made, this sparked a great interest in us and so many cart were made then. Then the Egyptians (we love them, too) around 2000 BCE began using new materials, therefore, creating chariots, which were a huge factor in war. As time went on, we kept improving. Bicycles came, which led to motorcycles. Obviously, everyone knows we are the most impotant invention because without us there would be no cars.


Yeah, without the wheel it would have been torture for a person to build a palace or any other sort of building. Trading would also be torture because it would take so long to carry out the stuff because there would be no cart or anything to make the load ligher. War would be extremely differenct, since, chariots were huge factors in the winning of a battle. The most important difference would be that there would be no bicycles or cars. Bicycles and cars are the number transportion system. Without them the world would collasple. People would have no way of getting places and espically in the world today where globization is rapidly increasing people would be devestated. Planes, trains, busses, everything that has a wheel would not worlk. Products would not get anywhere. Trading would stop. and as we know without trade the world will enter their fall. Mostly every source of transportion (except for boats) that is in use today has wheels on them. Without wheels humans would not be able to live because they would not know how to function without their daily neccesities.


2000 BCE
YAY! So, the awesome Egyptians have been using their brains a lot lately and have created the chariot! We are so happy because we are being put in great use! I mean they took the invention of the cart and put their brains together and created the chariot! Now, it is extremely easy for them to win in battle and yeah easier for them to transport stuff..but still battle! The Greeks and Indians have been so impressed by what we can do that they decided to use it as well but in their own way. We love being loved!

Baron Karl Von Drais hes our man if he cant do it NO ONE CAN!! GOOO DRAIS! This guy is the man! He invented the first bicycle. Yes, it is a little different from the bicycle known to man today but yay for him! Only if he knew how crucial this invention would be to the future. Now, people can get to places a little faster than walking! Yes, we know it looks silly, but for Godsakes! be a trendsetter. I mean if everyone decided to jump off a bridge would you too? Silly, so ride the Drais because it's the cool thing to do.

We lied. Francois Isaac de Rivaz he's our man if he cant do it NO ONE CAN!! GOOOO RIVAZ! So, Switzerland..how can you hate them? How?!? This guy took us to a new extreme by inventing the first internal combustion engine. He created a "automobile" hehe that word cracks us up in 1807. This took the world by suprise and left them in complete awe. Yeah, we tend to have that affect on people. We can;t wait till he improves it and makes it better. Then people will realize it's complete potentional. Yay! We are going to be
famous! FAMOUS!!..ok well thats it for now..we have ot get back to work.


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