The Tibetan plateau

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Tibetan medicine is the only real part of their culture that could be called technology, gsowa rigpa, is based, in part, on ayurvedic medical systems brought from India with the expansion of Buddhism in the first millennium. In the Buddhist world view, ignorance of reality is the basis of disease, allowing for outopsies and other medical uses. This reality consists of the interaction of five elements: earth, air, fire, water, and space. Food, plants, minerals, and people all contain a combination of these elements. Tibetan medicine helps to balance these elements in an individual using various meathods.


Tibet and its culture have often been the object of Western fantasy with its remote location, these fantastic ideas have grown. From the time of the earliest explorers to Asia, Tibet was viewed as an uncharted land hidden in the Himalayas. With only a few Western visitors before the 20th century, Tibet gained a reputation, partially through the publication of religious texts found in India, as home only to highly spiritual monks, with amasing feats of spiratual nature. In the early 20th century the influential members of the Theosophical Society identified Tibet as a source of great spiritual knowledge. Since the 1970s Tibetan lamas have traveled to the West and provided a more realistic picture of Tibetans and of Tibetan religion. At the same time, scholars with access to newly available resources have been able to explore and write about the complexities of Tibetan society.


Tibetan Buddhism


Blog 1 1409: Ganden, first Gelugpa Monastery, is founded by Tsongkhapa. 1578 Altan Khan, Mongol Ruler over Tibet, bestows title of Dalai Lama, "Ocean of Wisdom," upon Sonam Gyatso (actually Third Dalai Lama).
Blog 2 1950: Chinese Communist Red Guard invades Eastern Tibet. Khampa Guerrilla Resistance movement is formed to fight invading Chinese army. The Fourteenth Dalai Lama, at the age of 16, takes political and spiritual control over Tibet.
Blog 3 Present: Our leader the Dalai Lama in exile, our official governmants website is HERE.

The Wall

Tibet! We're so glad to see you've finally gotten a facebook! Countries like us really need to stick together. I set you a invite to a conference for world domination. But don't worry, China can't see it. (isnt facebook great!) But the protests you've been staging have really inspired us to start our own lately. Keep up the good work and keep in touch! Kurds
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