Turkey (1900-Present Day)

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Saljuq Turks
Young Turks
Islamic Empire
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Our army kicks ass! Sorry, for using inappropriate grammer, but it really does. Ever since, our
empire aka Ottoman Empire where we took over most of the middle east, some of Asia and Europe
(yeah we were suprised to), we left a mark on the world. However, we began to decline because our
army has internal conflicts which led to our fall. ALTHOUGH!, present day we have a great amount
of ships, tanks, machinery, jets, planes, bombs, and most important man power (every man has to serve for a
period of time). Our technology in our armed forces makes us super strong so dont mess with us! Word.


Our culture is pretty unique. From the effects of the Ottoman Empire we were greatly influnced. Persian
and Arab influnences are clearly shown in our country (books, buildings, food, music, etc). We do have
awesome food. Greece being a very close country has greatly influnced us to (mainly in dancing and food, which
we dont regret). Whats great about our country is its both tradtional and modern at the same time. It's ab. beautiful.
I must say our music is pretty popular as well. It's always popular in Europe and Asia (not so much America but
we're working on it ;).
external image Ortakoy-Camii-Mosque-Next-to-the-Bosphorous-River-Istanbul-Turkey-Photographic-Print-C12079726.jpeg Tradtion vs. Modernity

external image evileye07.JPG The Turkish Evil Eye (Its Turkish not Greek!)


So, our main religion is Islam. We have both Shia's and Sunnis. However, Sufis are extremely popular here...we
love them! Due to us being connected to Europe we have been greatly influnenced by them. Therefore, Christianity
is a very popular religion as well but mainly in Western Turkey. We love them, too.


Yay!! It's 1923 and we have just passed the Treaty of Laussane. Know what that means??? We have ended
the Ottoman rule...whoop whoop! Moving on..so we're the Republic of Turkey now. Ankara is the new capital not Istanbul, though, it's still b-e-a-t-i-f-u-l. We have eleted Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. He is greatttttt (like frosted flakes) we mean he is really determinded to make Turkey like "European" ..and no not men with tight pants. He is just perfect..we mean he has done everything for us, the people. Equality for women, freedom of religion,and free public schools can we ask for more? So, we are republican as of right now and the only democracy in the Middle East, word. We love this dude. He's the man. We can't think of a better name for him Ataturk, which means Father of the Turks.

We finally made the world notice us by joining the Allies in WWII. It was very scary. The Soviets wanted to use our ports and we were obv. not as strong as them. However, thanks to our good friend United States who issused the Truman Doctrine which states that the United States will protect Turkey and Greece, we are not so scared anymore. We showed those Soviets and won the war. We recently aided the United Nations in the Korean Conflict. We were such a great help that they made us part of NATO!! Whoop Whoop. People are finally realizing that we are strong and are very beneficial in a war or "conflict". We guess that you have to stand up and yes it will be scary at first but you will not regret it because standing up in what you believe in will have great rewards.

Everyone knows that Turkey is a pretty divided up country. A little more than half wants to be considered a Europeans nation while the other wants to be considered a Middle Eastern nation. So, far we have kept our cool by being called both. However, the world and we know that sooner or later we will have to decide. Our on-going disputes with Greece are not helping us at all. The battle over Cyprus. However, ever since the earthquakes that hit both Turkey and Greece in 1999 our realtionship has got much better. We actually discuss our problems and try to solve them instead of just ignoring each other. Hopefully, we will figure out what side we are on soon but we like the way things are right now..we are the Switzerland of Asia and we hope for a strong friendship with Greece.

The Wall

Buddhists: We are going to go about saying this to you in a very kind manner. We are very ashamed of the fact that you have decided to not only come in here and invade our lands, but also, ruin our stupas? Ruin our shrines? It is very disrespectful to do that to someones religion. And even more so, the killing of out monks and followers? Can this not be in peace? Must this be in a shameful manner?

Yes, I am glad that we have put our differences aside, so that we can live peacefully. All is forgiven and I hope that you will do teh same for us. That conflict is over and we should both turn over a new leaf. <3 always Greek

What do you think youre doing to our country?!? When the mapmakers came to your government did you suddenly decide to annex us?!? We never agreed to that! We've been trying to get away from you Turks for centuries and we would if you weren't right next door. So what do you think youre doing taking our land?!? Youre no better than us and we certainly do NOT want to be any part of your country. Goodbye and puh-lease just LEAVE US ALONE!! Kurds