Hey, look at that! We've even got our very own action figures that depict us...Uighur Turks! YEAH!


Uighur Turks (during the 1200s)


Saljuq Turks
Tang Dynasty


We are allies of the Mongols so weaponary and technology proves to always be very important to us. Throughout the 1200s, we are constantly helping the Mongols to conquer and resettle different areas of the world. Therefore, we obviously need to have technology in order to do so. Like the Mongols, gunpowder as well as spears were essential to us in conquering various peoples.


Most of our people live in oasis towns along the various parts of the silk roads. Unlike the Mongols who while being intelligent, focused mainly on war, we are known for our great intelligence. Speaking for myself as an Uighur Turk, I can say that I am literate [as you can see by my writing here]--which cannot be said about many people these days, such as many of the Mongols. I have also been highly educated since the day that I was born. Only the best schools are right for me to attend and I would be disowned by my parents if I did not put great effort into m education. I'd say that as a whole Uighur Turks like myself are pretty well rounded. We are the guys in the background that keep the Mongols going strong always. You might not hear a lot about us, but if we were not around--you would hear nothing about the achievements and the greatness of the Mongols. We are the clerks, administrators, and secretaries who are responsible for running the various Mongol empires. With no leadership how could an empire ever survive, right? But don't get the wrong idea okay? We're also some strong fighters and can always blend in with the Mongol soldiers. The garrisons would be nothing without us. Our empire grew so strong that at points we even came to rival the Tang Dynasty in China.

In addition to being highly educated we are also a very artistic group of people. Pictured below is a mural painting of "Siddha" who was a Buddhist who practed magic during the 7th-9th centuries--this was created by one of my ancestors...and under it is a little sampling of our writing style...

Below shows a map which in red/pink highlights our empire's extension...


Most of our people are either Buddhists or Muslims. Over time the pattern has shown a shift between the two going back and forth.


Blog Entry One (1201)
So today we became even more power. I actually got to fight alongside the Mongols and help to overtake an entire city and conquer a group of peoples as well. After helping to conquer a group of Persian people it feels great. I feel so powerful being an allie of the Mongols. They are such a strong group of individuals. One day we will conquer the world and grow even stronger than ever before.
Blog Entry Two (1218)
Today I taught my son how to write in the traditional Turkish script. The picture above shows the area in which I demonstrated to him how to write and what our language looked like. He told me it reminded him of that of the Mongols which is true due to the fact that we are so closely related.
Blog Entry Three (1223)
Our empire has continued to extend. It now covers more areas of the globe than it had before. Today I created a map to illustrate this and I pasted it above in the culture section. Our empire has become so strong it is unbelievable. Soon I feel that with the aid of the Mongols we will be even greater than ever before.

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