Umayyad Dynasty (661-750 C.E.)

umayyad.jpgUmayyad dynasty mosque in Damascus, Syria


Islamic Empire
Abbasid Dynasty
Sasanid Empire
This is the extent of our empire.

Technology/ Economy

* Travel and communication with nearby peoples have encouraged new advancements in agriculture. We have been working on new methods of irrigation, fertilization, and crop rotation.
//* We thrive on trade via the silk roads passing through our lands. Our rulers maintain the roads because they provide routes for our military to travel if necessary.
  • We "borrow" the compass from the Chinese and lateen sails from south Asian and Indian mariners to engage in maritime trade.
  • We run some of the first banks. The Abbasid empire improves on our methods, but we don't talk about them...//


  • Our dynasty began after the death of Ali, the fourth caliph in the line of Islamic caliphates.
  • We are among the most prominent of the Meccan merchant clans, and are responsible for bringing stability back to the Islamic community through our outstanding reputation and network of alliances.
  • Capital = Damascus
  • Our aristocracy members are appointed as administrators and governors of governed lands, since our policies reflect the interests of the Arab military elite.
  • Basically, our society is focused on the Arab military aristocracy.
  • Our dybnasty includes Arabs and bedouins, as well as Indians, Persians, Mesopotamians, Greeks, Egyptians, and nomadic north Africans.
  • We allow conquered peoples to practice their religions, although we do impose a taz called the jizya on those people who do not convet to Islam.


* * We have quite a variety of religions in our dynasty. Aside from Muslims, there are Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, and Buddhists.* We are Muslim, and therefore our holy book is the Quran.


BLOG 1: 661 CE- Ali has been assassinated! The dawn of a new age has begun! He served as fourth caliphate our this Islamic Empire, but was killed by his enemies. Now our dynasty begins! Our leader is Abu Sufyan, and we feel he will bring our people into a brighter age. This dynasty will keep the Islamic Empire from falling apart. Our people will soon prosper!
BLOG 2: There was a slight uproar today in the ewnly acquired lands to the north. At first, the people refused to pay their jizya and prepared for rebellion against our government. Our leader sent troops to the land, and the people surrendered. They don't appreciate the freedom we are giving them to practice their own religions. If only they would see the truth in Islam, none of this would be an issue.
BLOG 3: 750 CE- Our caliphs are not doing their jobs. They are focusing more on luxuries than leading us, their people. This is troubling. We feel the end of our dynasty is near, as Shia resistance grows, and discontent among conquered peoples gets worse. Even our military leaders are losing the zeal they once had. Oh dear, the end is drawing very close.

The Wall

Major language was Arabic.

While since you do not describe it here we would like to extend our thanks for allowing us to take over your empire. No disrespect meant. Sincerely, Abbasid Dynasty
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