The United States of America (1776- 2007)



Great Britain


steam engine, cotton gin, atomic bomb, light bulb, automobiles, interchangable parts, telephone, telegraph, artificial heart, sewing machine, television, computer, camera, automibile, airplane, penicilin, morse code, and many more.


I like to think of myself as having a very well-balanced cultural sense, although I guess I can be sort of one-sided at times. I celebrate a lot of different holidays, but there are only a few TRUE American holidays, like Thanksgiving. I have a long line of intellectuals that have influenced me in my time, giving me ideas such as democracy, popular sovereignty, anything that gives people the power in government.


I actively practice Catholicism, Christianity, Protestantism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Confucianism, Daoism, Wicca, Atheism, and many many more.


July 4, 1776: I am so sick and tired of the British always telling me what to do! I mean yea, they're great and all, but stop leave me alone!!! You're not even in my hemisphere! Today I decided that I was just not going to take any more of their nonsense, and decided to emancipate myself. Of course Britian was upset, but that's what he gets for always being so selfish and domineering. Today begins a new chapter in my life and I am going to make sure that I do all the things that a young person like me should. I'm really excited about finally being free!!!

April 30, 1803: I made a huge purchase today! France sold me a HUGE area of land for only 15 million dollars! It's pretty awesome. This land has it all! It extends from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains and includes some really fertile land, as well as a big network of rivers. I call it "Lousiana". I feel kind of bad that France had to give up so much land just so that they could survive in war, but I am not osrry about getting all of their sweet land for myself. Manifest Destiny seems closer than ever! God Bless YOU, Napolean, and God Bless your Land.

April 9, 1865: Today marks the beginning of the new life for me. For the past four years I have been ripped in half by a horrible self conflict concerning my morality. It was as intense battle between my ethics and my desire for power. While my right brain was convinced that I had the right to keep all the slaves in bondage and do bidding, my left brain was telling me that ti was wrong, and that I had to stop being so cruel. It was so difficult for me. I felt like two different people living in the same body. There was a lot of pain, and sleepless nights, until finally my right half gave way to left half, and I ended the conflict, and I am so relieved I did. (But what my left half doesn't know is that just because the slaves are free, they have no rights! MWAHAHAHA)!

The Wall

Hawaiins: I can't believe that we are part of the your country. You can now exploit us for our rich resources we have in Hawaii. You can also send tourists hear and build a large industry for tourism. Thank you America

Hey what the hell is this huh? Do you guys have something against an Irishman. Is it because he is hardworking and has a no [[mailto:bulls@#$|bulls@#$]] attitude. You scared that he might beat you in a fight? And whats with only letting us in Boston and New York? Those are nice cities but you treat us like crap. You know some day we are going to take control of those cities and there is nothing you can do about it. The Irish
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-Dude.... that whole Cold War thing? Not cool. You and your capitalist economies are no good and will fall to ruin very soon. We have already proven that we are better than you technologically, and our people are quite happy with the way we run the economy and all the equality in our USSR. Come on, we independently created both the nuclear fission bomb and the nuclear fission "H-bomb" within just a few years of you guys doing it. So what, you guys got a bit of a head start. We sent the first sattelite into space, the first living thing into space, the first animals into space, and the first human into space! Ya'll can't beat that, now can ya? We all know that your "landing on the moon" was all a conspiracy and never happened, so we actually won the Space Race, and the Cold War. Just had to rub that into your face. Smell ya later.- Soviets

Yo yo yo!.. Just want to give you guys a reminder that we have the longest treat of friendship in the U.S history, the Moroccan- American Treat of Friendship<so creative huh? Well, just wanted to hollar at you and tell you thats pretty cool. I mean Tangier was the first land you guys owned aboard. Catch ya later! -Moroccans

Hey hey hey! We just want to say Thanks! We want to thank you because you helped us during WWII and with that help we were recongized from many other nations.This brought us in NATO and made us a important country. Thanks a bunch! - Turkey

Hey Guys just wanted to say thanks for all the help getting away from Columbia, and building the canal. No hard feelings about fighting over the control, right? Hope everything is going well with the rest of your South American territory, that was real tough luck with Cuba. Just a thought, I think you guys would be much more popular if you talked a little more and shot innocent people a little less. Good Luck for the new century. - Panama

Hey there US, thanks for always lookin out for us. We really appreciate that. Oh yeah, and sorry about how sometimes we interrupt your plans into Iraq, we try hard not to bother anyone but Turkey can really get on our nerves once and a while. You are always welcome into our country though, we've got your back! Always, Kurds


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