The Utopian Socialists- established in 1830

external image fourier_fmc5.gifCharles Fourier, a French philosopher, economist, and Utopian socialist, born on April 7th, 1772, who inspired the founding of one of the first communist communities.

external image 424px-Red_Rose_%28Socialism%29.svg.png This symbol is the red rose of socialism, it becomes our symbol later in the 20th century.

Although its in Chinese, the song's name is "socialism is good". The scenes are what we think the outcome of socialism will be, for propaganda sakes. For the goofy imitation by some Chinese guys, go to:

external image 300px-Second_world_war_europe_1941-1942_map_de.png Our spread through the many countries of Europe.


Russian Empire
French Revolutionaries
United States


external image Printing%20press.jpg
Printing Press-
This is how we got out our ideas for the public to read. It was because of this invention that the Communist Manifesto was read by thousands. We used this to voice our opinions and our beliefs to the ignorant public.


Our beliefs are mainly around the reason to try and lessen the social and economic problems that were made through the industrialization process. We really hate to see economic inequalities and want everyone, even women and children, to be treated equally. Basically what we want is an idealistic society that follows some of the basic ideas from the Enlightenment movement. The two fathers of our great group are Charles Fourier and Robert Owen. These two started out in two very different places in society, and were immediately disgusted with the social difference among all the people. With their ideas and call for reform, many utopian societies were established throughout the world. But, alas, that idea slowly fizzled out when even those societies went into economic turmoil. Although our founders had a great idea of equality, it still wasn't going anywhere. Only after Marx and Engels started changing the socialist ideas around that there was some change. They stated that the capitalistic society was dividing people into two different groups: the capitalists and the proletariat. Their idea was that there should be a society where everything is moderate and controlled through all the people, and that everything should be shared. How our idea is branched off of that away from the Communists is that we want a gradual shift to attain that goal, while the Communists want a quick, and direct way to reach that goal. All these ideas and more were published in the Communist Manifesto. Although we did not take hold anywhere until Russia in 1917, we still had an impact on many social reforms in Europe, along with the creation of the trade union, which was a step towards an equitable society.


Of course, we Utopian Socialists are not racist towards any type of religion. we support a belief system to change our government. economy, and society to be more equal. Any religion is fine as long as one believes in the same socialists ideas as we do. And as our fellow socialist/ communist said "religion is the opiate for the masses."


Blog Entry #1:
1830, New Lanark, Scotland: Owen here, and I would like to say that I am one of the geniuses behind this idea and this group. I am a businessman who was disgusted with the way most businesses treat their workers. So in my own factory I decided to raise the wages for my workers and reduce the hours that they work in the factory. I even built them better housing and sold them to my people at good prices. This was my idea of a Utopian society, and it was magnificent. Even with all the reform, I still got a pretty penny out of it. My main ideas was for a less capitalistic and a more cooperative control over the industry. With this idea, I also noticed that many other places around the world caught on and tried this out for themselves. It just warms my heart to see that people are trying to change for what I think is the better.

Blog Entry #2:
1848, Germany: I, Karl Marx, have to agree and disagree with the esteemed Robert Owen. Yes I think the same way he does, I also want a more cooperative society, but the community idea is a load of bologna. There is no way that people are going to stay that way for long. We are in a capitalistic world, adnt he only way to change that is with the overthrowing of the whole government system. It's not like I am not agreeing with Owen, but its more like there's another easier way to have it done without the waste of money. And after all, money is supposed to be shared along with everything else. Although I may not toatally agree with him, he makes some very valid points...I will just have to tweak them a bit.

Blog Entry #3:
1880, Russia: Good news! Although we don't seem to have a great hold in any of the governments around, our word is still getting through. We've been noticing more and more countries starting to reform in the areas where we thought were important issues to address. Some countries have even gone all the way to address the issue of equality for all peoples. The industrial side of the world has also gotten wind of what we are trying to get accomplished. Many places have started forming Trade Unions, to look for more equality in the work place. This is good new, good news. All you Utopian Socialists, don't give up hope, we are making a difference!

The Wall

Hey Utopian Socialists, watch it when you insult our communist ideology. True, you guys were the foundation on which we built our ideas, but we not only branched off from socialism, we made your plans better to fit society's needs. Behind your backs, we call you "primitive communists", because you were well-meaning, but were not bold enough to make revolutionary plans. Your gradual style of shifting society away from capitalism has never worked, and never will. Communism is something that is loved and feared - it is a threat to governments and capitalists everywhere - but Utopian Socialists never seem to make headlines with your dorky little communities. The only way you will ever see social change is if you get your act together and follow our revolutionary lead.
- Your superiors, the Communists

I must say, communism is pretty awesome. Socialism is cool, but Communism is just more efficient than you. But I love that we have the same ideas, like equality for everyone. Even the United States doesn't have that, whether or not they'll admit that.
- Cuba


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