Vikings, 800 c.e, Norse Expansion

vikings!!!.jpeg Viking.jpg vikings: Norse mariners who mounted and plundered settlements from eastern Europe to Mediterranean lands.







-shipbuilding techniques, and seafaring skills enabled us to travel safely and reliably throughout the open ocean. - With the technology of small draft boats, we could better sail the heavy seas and could also navigate many rivers offering access to the interior regions of Europe.


-We were mostly seeking commercial opportunities or to settle and cultivate. Some of us although, used our advanced maritime skills to rather plunder and raid villages and people of sorts. - With our establishments in Northern France, we carved out small independent states. This allowed us to better establish a decentralized political order.


Pagan beliefs, non- Christian influenced.


Blog 1:We vikings are not happy with our current situation. We are under immense population pressure in the Scandinavian islands, there is hardly any agriculture where we are from, and Christian beliefs are trying to block out our pagan beliefs. We ventured off to much of the north Atlantic Ocean and established settlements in the Shetland Islands, the Faeroes, Iceland, and Greenland. Blog 2:The climates are very harsh in these new areas that we have ventured to. It is so cold. This makes it very difficult to survive and to cultivate foods. But, thanks to our advanced seafaring skills, we are able to migrate from our homelands and establish new agricultural communities in the north Atlantic basin. After our advancements in technology such as that of our ships, we have decided to take a new approach to our expansion. We will pillage and raid villages of everything that they are worth. We have mounted ferocious dragon heads on our prows to make us more ferocious and intimidating to the people that see us. We tend to travel in large groups and attack by using lightning raids on unprepared victims. Throughout the years 844 c.e, onward, we raided large cities, small cities, all the way down to Constantinople. We did this by traveling through Russian Rivers and and bypassing large targets. The Muslims, Magyars, and we are unstoppable. We will take over everything! Blog 3: We have been doing very well. We have taken over many regions and will continue to flourish throughout the oceans. Long live the vikings!

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The Wall

Our major language is Icelandic!! AY!

Whoa! We're {the Hyksos} nomadic too! It kind of sucks though since we can't really settle down and use agriculture to enrich our civilization...oh well. We still have weapons, and made out of bronze too! You know, we're kind of like you guys with the whole "pillage and rape" deal, only we took over the Egyptians for a bit while you guys tend to just...pass through, no offense. But hey, maritime transportation is something we haven't really looked into, but you guys seem to have a good handle of it. We like horses better. Keep it up!

Hey!! I know that you come from a cold and unforgiving area and you rely on conquest and expantion to keep you alive, but did you really have to come through our land, overthrow our kingdoms, raping and pillaging as you go, and then you have the nerve to declare yourselves kings. You are nothing more than a marauding band of pirates. -- Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms

Ha you guys lost our lands. We know that you guys took over our great country and that we eventually got rid of you. How does it feel to lose to a bunch of Irish nutcases huh. We hope that you guys didn't take that big of a hit in your community, but it sucks to loose to a bunch of "drunker" guys huh.

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