So, I know I'm not a fortune teller, but I heard some rumors about where our culture will be in the year 2007. Here is a fairly simple map where I predict that a very small number of Waldensians may possibly still exist in the world, hundreds of years later...
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Waldensians are in black
Blog Entry One--Sometime in the beginning of the 12th century

I am so glad that our founder Peter Waldo realized the true path to perfection. I despise those corrupt and filthy Roman Catholics who believe that their beautiful and over the top palaces--what they call churches HA! are going to bring them into God's arms and into salvation. I am just content with reading the scriptures and listening to God's words exactly while dismissing all of the wealth which may tempt us human beings.
Blog Entry Two--The year is 1211

Strosbourg is a terrible and awful place which I will never forget for the rest of my life. Today I watched 80of my closest companions be burned at the stake and killed in other awful ways. Those Catholics will never reach God. It disgusts me to think that they could put up such violence against us, who are just trying to follow the right path.
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Blog Entry Three--Persecutions continue
The Persecutions have not let up at all. If anything, they have gotten worse in the past few years compared to what there was before. It seems that there is not escape from those who want to hurt us. Soon I know that we will have to flee this area. This is not at all what Peter Waldo would have wanted for us. All we are looking for is some way to reach perfection with God. Like the Cathars we will not stop despite the hindrances.


Waldensians (12th century)


In the above image, there is me [the man on the far right] along with my other Waldensian friends having a good time in a small village around 1500.



A Glimpse into the future...2007


Our culture is mainly based on being a very religious group of people. Culturally, we are different compared to the region in which we live. Although Waldensians originated in Southern France and quickly spread to Northern Italy, soon over time we hope to spread out into many different places and bring our opinions to different areas of the world. We despise the Catholic church and will not be associated with them in any way, shape or form. The map below shows highlighted in green the areas in which we are most prominent currently..
external image Waldensian-Territory.jpg


We are strict Christians with our beliefs being centralized around extreme strictness as well as having a feeling that we must achieve absolute poverty. Public preaching is also a main aspect of our religion and we follow the holy scriptures down to every single word which they express. So why in the world would anyone ever want to reach absolute poverty you might be wondering? Well, the story of our origin is the following. We were originally known as Poor Men of Lyons, being organized by our founder Peter Waldo. Peter was a wealthy man from Lyon. However, around 1176, he decided to give away all of his property in his possession and from that point forward spent his time giving lectures and preaching that perfection would only be reached by apostolic poverty.

external image waldo.jpg
Our founder, Peter Waldo


The Wall

What's up? We {the Cathars} agree with you! Catholicism rocks! Everyone should go back to the church! You guys are our inspiration...you know along with the Bogomils and stuff.
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