Young Ottomans - from Ottoman Empire (late 19th century)

Sultan Abdul Hamid II, the leader of the Ottoman Empire, is so lame...
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The Young Ottomans are guessed it, the Ottoman Empire.


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Young Turks
Islamic Empire


Whatever the Ottomans have, we have. Of course, they got everything from the Europeans in the first place. Lately they've been having a healthy relationship with European countries, specifically by sending our officers there for training in the latest and greatest in military technology. The Ottomans have also been getting lots of cool new weapons and technology from countries like Germany and England, such as guns and boats.


We're pretty much just fed up with things the way they are now. We want individual freedom, local autonomy, and a decentralized government. All of those things would totally improve the Ottoman state as it is now. While we all don't have the same political or religious agendas, Young Ottomans want a total change in the way government is run around here. Many of us think that setting up a constitutional form of government like the British would be pretty sweet. Oh, and the Sultans are lame.


We're all Islamic, but the level of our faith is different among all of us. Young Ottomans range from wanting secular revolution to uncompromising Islam, so obviously we're a pretty mixed bag. We definitely want Islam to be a part of the new government, though, and we are going to support it all the way.


June 6th, 1875 - Today a group of us Young Ottomans got together and we talked about life together. It was pretty sweet. We discussed how we wished our government would change ways we would change it. Freedom, autonomy, and decentralization would be nice, we decided. Tomorrow is the big protest...

October 18th, 1875 - So I just got back from the protest. Good times. We all just kind of stood there looking angry, because we didn't want to get shot by anyone, but we feel that it was a success. A few guys on the street said they liked what we had to say, so it looks as if we might get a few more Young Ottomans to join the cause. In a few days I'm supposed to meet a Young Turk, which should be fun.

April 25th, 1876 - I just met that Young Turk guy I was talking about a few days ago. He seemed like a pretty cool guy, pushing for governmental reform and all like I do. The only thing I didn't like about what he had to say was that he wanted "Turkish hegemony" throughout the empire. A decentralized government can't have any kind of hegemony, let alone a Turkish one where most of the people here aren't Turkish.

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