Yuan Dynasty

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Since we are part of the Great Mongol Empire, we fall under a vast landmass, which almost encompasses
all of Asia!!!


Marco Polo of Italy
Golden Horde
Ilkhanate of Persia
Chagatai Khanate
Crimean Empire
Mughal Empire


300px-Yuan_Dynasty,_porcelain_dish,_mid_14th_century.jpg C0025774.jpgThese are one of our finest creations, a porcelain dish and a vessel, and
it is considered very elegant among the ruling elites.
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(Left) Our prestigious armor (Above) One of our best trade goods: Silk

Since we are the nomadic people, we needed technology to move, and we acquired horses, and other transportation vehicles from the lands we conquered. Some of the other technological equipment aids us in warfare, and some of the examples are: strong metal armors, metal swords, bows and arrows etc. We are also one of the first ones to use woodblock printing, and this allows us to copy important documents, and also keep records. Porcelain and silk allows us to create magnificent tools and various objects. We also control the trade routes of Asia, and this provides us with sufficient technology to invade. The scientific advancements are the highlight of our dynasty. In particular, advancements made in astronomy, mathematics, Arabic numbers and medicine are the forefront among the world. However, almost all these achievements were gained with the help of foreign experts.

Culture and Society

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Yuan woodblock printing Yuan Calligraphy
Culturally, we introduced new forms of writing and literature into the Chinese societies. Since we consider the Chinese as inferior, we also prevent intermarriage between us and the Chinese, and also create a social caste which places us at the top of the society, as the ruling class. However, we do not impose our lifestyle upon the Chinese. Election in elite jobs is also done by civil service examinations, which does not allow for nepotism, and provides the best jobs to those who are properly merited. Additionally, those who oppose us are very harshly discriminated, and they are provided with lower jobs.
Our painters no longer take truth to nature as their goal but rather use painting as a model for self-expression. Our highly educated scholar-artists regard calligraphy as the prominent form of art, and this creates a representation of the painter's minds. This similar technique can also be seen in our literature and other social aspects.


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Tibetan Buddhism Shamanism
Daoism, Buddhism and Christianity were the popular religions in China before we took over and created the Yuan Dynasty. As did our predecessors, we openly accept and allow merchants of various religions and nationalities to worship and live in our lands. Lamaist Buddhism, which was developed as a combination of shamanism and Buddhism in Tibet, became increasingly popular among the ruling elites. Slowly it is being spread to the general population, and now it has become the prominent religion in our empire. Lamaist Buddhist leaders recognized our rulers as legitimate rulers and were even recognized as incarnates of Buddha himself.
Our major religion was Buddhism, but we were also lenient towards the existence of Shamanism, and Totemism. People of the Shamanism are allowed to praise the existence of Jinn, and we also allow them to take part in the discussion of the crucial issues such as electing local leaders and affairs of war and peace. Totemism influences us psychologically, as we have found out from our learned scholars. We also allow the practice of Taoism because it is one of the first religions introduced in China.


Blog 1:
Today we met our fellow merchants from Persia, and we traded many goods. They gave us rugs and very beautiful clothing materials for silk and porcelain. They also told us about the current news in Persia, and many of our merchants are planning to go there to see what is the new trend.
Blog 2:
Our emperor plans to invade Japan, and take their land. This should give us more land, and also allow us to exchange cultural information from the fellow Japanese. He plans to invade them with the help of boats, and the recruiting posters are being posted all over the major cities
Blog 3:
Many of the people are leaving China, and traveling to the Mughal empire and other lands in Southeast Asia. However, many great scholars are also entering our lands, after Marco Polo informed them of our amazing technology, and religious beliefs, about a year ago. These scholars claim that they are from Europe, specifically, Italy. Surprisingly, they seem to know a great deal about our culture and our advancements in mathematics, science, and astronomy.

The Wall

Daoists April 26, 1281 5:00 PM
:( This is Preposterous! We strongly disagree with your political styles. Why do you disgrace our faiths by burning our texts? Beware of our determined beliefs, as we are recruiting followers. Because of our simple beliefs we are emerging as the prominent faith....
Ilkhanate of Persia May 4th, 1281 2:00 PM
Greeting fellow empire!! I must say, you technological advancements and mathematical knowledge has surpassed us... We are send over some of our best scholars to learn your techniques..We thank you for your patronage :)
Marco Polo
I am very thrilled to be a part of one of the greatest dynasties of China. I must serve under your unified leader, the Great Kublai Khan. The accounts of my travels and the excellence of the Yuan society will be reported to the European societies, so they are able to learn more about your culture, Buddhism, and the vast Mongol Empire.
Many greetings to our neighbors!! Even though we may be separated by Religious (Islam) and Geographical (The Himalayas) barriers, our thinking is similar. We have met many of your merchants during the trading season, and we have acquired many different goods, but the two goods that fascinate us the most are the silk and the porcelain. We provide the comfortable silk clothing to our elites, and our palaces are decorated with fine porcelain decorations. Thank you for providing us with these goods, and write anytime you need anything... Goodbye!!!

Suit of Armor:

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