Zoroastrianism (500s B.C.E.-Present)

This is one of our ancient Zoroastrian symbol.


Achaemenid Empire, Seleucid Empire, Parthian Empire, Sasanid Empire, Safavid Empire

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Zoroastrianism was one of the most prominent religions in the Middle East until the emergence of Islam


We started keeping our history through oral tradition told by magi to magi. Unfortunately when Alexander the Great conquered our lands many of our magi who knew the history were killed. Countless hymns and holy verses were lost as a result of that brute. During the Selucid reigin we decided to switch from transmitting history orally to writing it in text.


Zarathustra began preaching around 100 C.E. and Zoroastriansim continued to grow until the arrival of Alexander the Great. Zoroastrianism community experienced a series of setbacks unti the Sasinid Empire came to power. Zoroastrianism reached its peak under the Sasinid Empire until Islamic conquerors forced all followers out of their homelands. Today there are signifgantly fewer Zoroastrians than there originally were, they are mainly focused in India and Iran.

Emergence of Zoroastrianism

People wanted a religion which was more personal, and specific to their daily lives. Our great leader Zarathustra had a vision and he did that. He came from an aristocratic family, he was upset with the sacrificial killings used to please Gods based on the elements. He left his home and went on a journey for roughly ten years, then unexpectedly he experienced multiple visions from a God Ahura Mazda (wise lord). Zarathustra became convinced that he was chosen to spread Ahura Mazda's message and that he was his prophet.

Religion and Teachings

According to our traditional legends, our religion was started by an enlightened priest named Zarathustra. The priests of this religion, called Magi, would relate teachings of the founding fathers of the religion orally in the early years in which this religion existed. During the Seleucid Dynasty in Persia, these teachings were written down as the Gathas and the Avesta. We recognize Ahura Mazda as the supreme deity along with six lesser deities. We also believe that Ahura Mazda is constantly engaged in battle with an evil spirit, Angra Mainyu. We believe that in ten thousand years Ahura Mazda would prevail over Angra Mainyu and all evil will be expelled from this world. Unlike other strict Gods Ahura Mazda is lenient allows his followers to enjoy wealth, social prestige, and other worldly pleasures.


Blog Entry One Today is a sad day for my faith. Our former leader, Xerses, emperor of the Achaemenid empire, was not successful in quelling the Greek menace years ago, and now we are paying for it. The Macedonian King Alexander the Great is on a campaign to conquer the world, and he has kindly stopped by to show us what a great military genius he is. He has burned down my temple, my home, and my sanctuary. How can our faith survive when those who follow it are tortured and killed? Blog Entry Two These great Sasanid kings are doing wonders for my faith. They have supported my temples and religion in general so much since they came to power. Of course, they say it is because they are the heirs of the Achaemenids, but really, I think it is because our faith is obviously so much better than others that they have adopted it as their own. My governor has even persecuted those in this province who do not practice the teachings of Zoroastrianism. Blog Entry Three Today I had a miraculous revelation. In visions sent to me by the wise one, I have been shown my purpose. The supreme god Ahura Mazda has chosen me as his prophet to spread his message to the world. For one as young as me, for I am now thirty, it is incredible that Ahura Mazda could ask so much. And yet, I have looked for this sort of work to do for ten years now, ever since I became disenchanted with the fake ways that my previous faith had used to connect with their gods.

The Wall

Hooray! Thank you so much for spreading your religion throughout the Achamid Empire which unfortunatley broke up into the Sasinid, Parthian, and Selucid Empires. Finally we have something in common besides a language and we pray to Zarathustra that the tensions between our people will be mitigated.

Your religion wasnt completely backwards but it certainly wasnt right. We share some common beliefs, and Islam fills holes in your religion. It makes perfect sense, you must convert towards Islam as already we have proven our strength by conquering Empires who believed in you. You and your God Zarathustra stood no chance against us. We shall allow you to stay as long as you pay an extremely high but fair tax for not being Islam we will allow you to remain in your homeland.
-Islamic Conquerors

I was extremely happy to add more land to my enourmous realm, though your homeland itself is rather hot and desert like. I hope youwill remain loyal subjects, if not perhaps more magi might fall by my hand in order to properly discipline you.
-Alexander The Great

Fools, please just stay away from us. Cant you see we have enough problems at the currently, we are preparing for complete economic opression. Also I already have over a million gods to worship and I dont think its getting smaller anytime soon. We dont need you to spread your religion here as well, if you want you can take the Himalayas, we certaintly dont want them. Just dont know them down we like the natural protection they provide. Once again leave us alone you weirdoes.
-Almighty India

You guys had the right idea in your relgion. Good shall always conquer evil. Though other parts of your religion are seriously wrong we still take pride in the fact that you share some of the same ideas as us. We are proud to have learned from your ways.
-Christains, Muslims, Jews

Zoroastrianism, you left your Zend-Avesta on our land. We appreciate the new religion though, thanks! We already had our own religion, that was working fine with us, but yours is cool too. Whatever, we'll give it back when we trade with you guys again. Kurds
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