The Zulu late 1700's - present

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Kingdom of Ghana
Kingdom of Axum


Most of the technology which our people originally used was fairly basic and incredibly practical. For example, the isiphapha was a broad headed spear, usually used in hunting, which was sued to open up huge gashes in the animal so that it would bleed to death. A second spear which our people used was the isijula. This spear can be thrown significantly further than the isiphapha, but it can also be used as a weapon during hand to hand combat. A third weapon our people used in battle was the iwisa. This was a long, polished club, with a polished knob at the very top of the club.


The most common language among our people is Zulu or isiZulu. This is a type of Bantu language, but is much more similar to the Bantu subgroup Nguni. This language is spoken or at leats understood by over half of our people. However, Zulu is not the only language that our people understand. We also speak English, Portuguese and a combination of the eleven languages which are spoken in South Africa. Music also makes up a big portion of our culture. Music is used as a way to communicate certain emotions and situations which can not be fully expressed while talking. All of our music uses rhythm, melody, and harmony to create a story or explain a situation. Three of the more common genres of Zulu music is "isigubudu", Maskanda, and Mbanqaga. Each year we have various days and ceremonies honoring our past and our culture. On of these days is heritage day. The point of Heritage Day,is to celebrate the life of Shaka Zulu, the most powerful king and creator of the Zulu nation. Along with various ceremonies our people have a very distinctive form of clothing which is custom for us to wear. Our women tend to dress in a more traditional style but within that there is a lot of intricate beadwork and beads. On the other hand,men living in rural areas tend to wear only a small strip of cowhide which covers both the front and the back. Lastly, it is tradition for our people to not wear anyhting over their feet and instead to walk barefoot. Our population is split fifty fifty between people living in cities and living a more modern lifewhile the other half lives a more rural life and makes their living by farming.


There are three common religions that can be found among our people. These three religions are Roman Catholic, Protestant or a more traditional religion. At the same time, these religions are combined in some places forming a hybrid religion. The catholic religions were introduced to our people by the Europeans while the traditional religion has been passed down from generation to generation and is indigenous to our people. In our traditional religion we believe in a creator god known as Nkulunkulu. He is our highest and most powerful god, but he does not deal with trivial human affairs. Our ancestors play a big role in our religion. They are the only means we have with connecting to the spirit world. We need to invoke our ancestor spirits, also known as amaDlozi through a divination process. This diviner is almost always a woman who is believed to play a huge part in our daily lives. Where we came from is just as important to where we are going. Nothing in life is random and the bad things that happen in our lives is either a result of some sort of sorcerer or the spirits are the ancestral spirits are not pleased with us. Everything must be clean for the gods, it is very important. The only exception is that in our religion, it is a sign of pride and strength to walk around barefoot, and in turn this pleases the gods.


Blog One: It took many thousands of years' for our ancestors to migrate from Africa's east coast to the southern region. We arrived there around 800. We finally made it, our journey ws long and hard but we were sucessful and remain here even today. Our people are over 10 million strong living in both rural and urban locations, while still keeping our ethnic identity and customs alive.
Blog Two: KwaZulu-Natal started causing fights among the people. There have been many armed riots, it's been very dangerous for everyone, and many people have been killed and are seriously wounded. Neither Men, nor women, nor children are safe, and they must be careful and alert at all times. All of the violence stems from political tormuil in our country. The entire situation has gotten completely out of hand. The people are too afraid to say anything, and the white people don't seem to care, in fact, they seem to gain great pleasure form the entire situation.
Blog Three: Tonight there is going to be a hgue wedding , and along with that, there will be a huge celebration. This marriage will be based upon love, due to the fatc that it was not arranged. During the ceremony, there will be all sorts of foods handed out and our traditional music will be playing. Our traditions are very old, going all the way back to the original Bantu tribe. At the same time, these traditions are so embedded in our society they will never become extinct.

The Wall

Hey, now that some time has passed I hope the you guys can forgive us for everything we have done. We know that we did some pretty aweful things when we controlled you guys, but we think now is the time for us to move on and unite and truly become world allies. To make it up to you guys we are even willing to assist you guys in any way that we possibly could financially. So get back to us soon and hopefully we can become friends.- The British

We are just checking in on you guys, we ahven't talked in a while, I know we are seporated by thousands of miles but we are still your brethren. Hopefully you guy have been having more luck than us lately.-The Bantu

It is nice to see that someone else is fed up with the way in which the British treated them, us British colonies were completely abused and overused I agree with you guys that we need to do soemthing about it.- India

Hey if you guys need any salt or gold let us know because we would be more than willing to trade these raw goods to you in exchange for your famous colorful beadwork, clay pots or weaved goods such as baskets and mats.-Songhay Empire

You Zul people are second class citizens and never deserved your freedom. You guys stupidly did away with apartheid and now you are being run by monkeys. If you had never changed the system that we left in place you would be infinitely more successful now than you ever were before. This is because only white people are fit enough and smart enough to rule successfully. It is a shame that you guys never truly understood that.- Afrikaners
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