neo-Confucianism - from China (~1150CE)

This is Zhu Xi, the founder of neo-Confucianism.


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Song Dynasty


We got started during the Song dynasty, so at first we had the same kind of technology that they had. Porcelain, iron, steel, gunpowder, and advanced forms of paper production were all technologies that the Song Chinese had that we were able to use as well.


The Song emperors apparently think that this is a pretty cool religion. Instead of persecuting other religions such as a Buddhism in China, they thought that it would be a good idea to support us. Neo-Confucianism is the official religion of the Song and neo-Confucian principles are used in politics as well as general decision making.


Neo-Confucianism is a religion that combines elements of both Buddhism and Confucianism. The Song Dynasty is against Buddhism, but we still study Buddhist ideas and incorporate parts of Buddhism into our religion. We still, of course, value all of the traditional Confucian values, but we take a lot of our ideas from Buddhism as well, differentiating ourselves from normal COnfucianism.


Being a Confucian scholar in China is pretty sweet. I get full support from the Song, is also nice. Even though I'm a Confucian scholar by title, I still study other schools of thought like Buddhism. A lot of people consider me to be part of the neo-Confucianism movement. Whatever. Both Buddhism and Confucianism are pretty sweet, so it doesn't matter to me what distinctions there might be between them.

Today I met this dude called Zhu Xi. Not only does he do the same type of stuff that I do, he wrote a book called Family Rituals that contains all sorts of exciting information about weddings, funerals, ancestors, and other family matters. Sweet deal. He's considered to be the main representative of this whole neo-Confucianism thing, so meeting the guy personally is pretty special.

I've been a neo-Confucian for a while now, but just recently I've been learning about all of the new places that neo-Confucianism has spread to. Apparently, this religion isn't only in China anymore, which makes sense because it's awesome. I've heard that Korea, Vietnam, and Japan have all been influenced by neo-Confucianism in some way and that people there are beginning to practice the religion. I'm just glad I could further the cause...

The Wall

I am so glad to see that my lessons are being remembered by you young people. Be nice to the Buddhists, and make sure to remember your ancestors! Don't do anything too radical! - Confucianism